“The Extravagant Lifestyle I Never Thought I Could Afford”

Even though I do not agree with the hall merchandising idea they do with places like Ecuador as a retirement heaven from companies that make a profit by providing information about the country or expats contacts. I have decided to provide a link and the information from one of them which it is reliable and can provide you with good results.

I believe we are all free to choose, maybe they provide a service that is in need to certain people that may feel a bit insecure or overwhelm of going on their own. I will invite you to try to find out first on your own, if you find that it is to much to grasp at once you should try this type of services.

You could find a lot better deals and great friends by searching a bit on your own.. I am always here if you need any kind of assistance, if we make any money should be on real transactions services on a property, not just by getting you a local contact list or properties listings that most of the time they haven´t even seen it them self.

Another  way to keep informed is to subscribe to their newsletter and start comparing information online with the one provided on the newsletter. Remember they are making a business out of it, sure they will not show all the information you need to balance your decision, specially if there are any cons on the location or properties.

Sure you will get hints and on going tips for overseas living… Check it out and good luck with this hall new adventure!

“The Extravagant Lifestyle I Never Thought I Could Afford”.

Please read the previous link to get information and tips on an affordable place to live overseas.


About Lina Landivar

Ecuador News & Travel, Inside scope, property listings, key ready packs, plus free services, proven honest local references, and how to avoid getting “overcharge” while in Ecuador.

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