Gracias, thank you, mercy!!!! to my blog´s visitors and Ecuador

Buen dia!

Feliz dia!

It is Friday, weekend starts here in Guayaquil, Ecuador.. Mine was a bit on the harsh side.. Got a virus about 2 days ago, something you get any where in the world..I would say, I rarely get one here, of course I do take in account all the precautions needed in this place.

5 am, I was awake and couldn’t stop feeling nauseous, the Doctor had told to get an injection last nite to overcome the sickening sensation, but stubborn me, of course thought that a hot tea and rest will do, plus the pills.. Well, I had to go a that time in search of person who could inject me, call up a very good friend of mine, it was still dark, but anyway we both went out on a hunt. I live in a residential are on a hill, now, one thing to take in account was my low budget. Of course working in Ecuador you do not make high paying ranks.

As I was coming out of my condo, I was thinking on the hall ordeal that we might have to go through to get a simple injection.. Also the $$$ question was always there.

Things went on so smoothly, we found a small clinic close to the main boulevard of Urdesa, a nice nurse attended to me, and all of that was only $2 US. I was surprise, at least I thought it will be ten dollars for just any small medical service. Well here you have the real thing about how cheap and good medical care you can get in this country.

As any where else in the world, you have to use your good judgment and study the options well, that said, I would apply the same concept in Canada or any other place with global health care services.

Hope this experience can help you in finding out how realistic and simple life can be in a country like Ecuador.

So, since it is the weekend, people will start planning and searching for some sort of relaxation activity between friends.

That´s the warm feeling you get from locals in here, my best option maybe to go for a nice ceviche and fresh fish in Playas on Sunday. I will get some nice pictures in case I go.

Thanks to all the people who are taking the time to read my blog. I see visitors coming in, it does cheer me up!!!


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