Ecuador in the global news.

WOW, already by the end of Feb. 2012, and it is the first opportunity I have to post this year….

It is incredible how life can take different turns in a very short period of time, from Dec 2011 up to now, I had changes to make and new projects to run while living in Ecuador with the aim as usual of a better future… had to move my home quarters, switched from working for a local company to work independently, and the most interesting one is that we, meaning other expats and I, are starting an expat community in Guayaquil…

I know the world is on a fast track path, especially here in Ecuador it feels that time flies. Must be the local weather which  doesn’t really change much, it goes on a constant “warm – hot – humid stage” by the coast or “cool – humid – damp feeling”  at the highland. This is a huge plus for me, no winter on site, and the great health benefits and beauty bonuses tagged alone that it makes me rejuvenate. We are right in the middle of the Ecuadorian winter season, meaning rainy season, which is all over Ecuador.

It is raining every single day, since Ecuador is an under developed country it has is hardships due to the heavy rain, but all that can be avoid and prevented if you prepare ahead of time with repellents and a flexible schedules. Locals are really laid back on time issues, for foreigners, this is something that can be really uncomfortable to deal with, but it is something to adapt to if you ever decide to live in Ecuador.

Weather, food, customs and all sorts of problems and unexpected situations will be encounter as a new comer to Ecuador, which for me it meant hall new endeavors to learn from…

Recently if you have read over the international news the Ecuadorian President had a serious conflict with a well known local newspaper and a local journalist that even reach international opinions and the involvement of some international organizations. I did follow the hall sequence of events locally and internationally, and it is really interesting to see the power of the media all over the world.

Sure a lot of opinions are made related to Mr. President Rafael Correa following Chavez foot steps, my view on this after living in Ecuador for four and a half years is that a lot of the social resentment and political advantage can be compare or relate between Venezuela, Ecuador and even included Bolivia, but I will not say that their government leaders are sole responsible of these new conflicting events in their own countries that are pulling our attention. They are the merely result of the power and economical gains of strong powerful monetary holding groups; I will say starting from groups at the international level which are reflected locally by alliances with local powerful groups.

Now this is plain reality, what you have to know ahead of time if you ever decide to live in an new emerging economy like the one in Ecuador, it is that knowledge and information is not open to everybody locally, you have to understand the local business and social culture to be ahead of the game and not to be taken advantage of. From there, your live will be full success… richer in health, understanding and wealth.


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