Great Quality of Life in Ecuador

If I will try to define Quality of Life, it will be the following: The degree to which a person enjoys the important possibilities of his or her life.

Quality of Life emphasizes on individuals’ physical, psychological, and spiritual functioning; their connections with their environments; and opportunities for maintaining and enhancing skills.

The extent of a person’s Quality of Life in the areas of Being, Belonging, and Becoming is determined by two factors: importance and enjoyment. Thus, Quality of Life consists of the relative importance or meaning attached to each particular aspect of life and the extent of the person’s enjoyment with respect to each situation.

If you plan to improve the quality of your life in the near future you have to look into this aspects: achieving personal goals, hopes, and aspirations. By using the following check list, I was able to determined if overseas living is the right choice to the best quality of life for me, in my case, the place to evaluate was Ecuador.

Maybe this can also help you out to create the right path to a great retirement overseas or living overseas.

  • Satisfy the need of different domestic activities.
  • Options to search for a challenging new work.
  • Having to learn or volunteer in diverse cultural environment.
  • Better food options, health or social needs.
  • Free time for activities that promote relaxation and stress reduction.
  • New situations that promote the maintenance or improvement of knowledge and skills.
  • Preparing for the future by living in an on going changing society allowing me to keep adapting to constant change.

When I checked on each of those aspects of life while deciding to stay longer in Ecuador, I came to realized that they were all offered to me here. Maybe you will be able to find the right answer to each of them in a different place, just make sure that you do not compromise for anything less.

You could always try out this place, Ecuador and its people are very open and friendly, there are plenty of opportunities for new business ideas, they are just starting to discover the service industry and love new and trendy innovations. Since the local currency is the US dollar, they have acquire a stable consumer market. I could advice you that some of the regulations and policies are not friendly with local industry, in case that manufacturing is one of your interest, you should try working with the local artisans.

There is a lot more information on the web about Ecuador as a new destination, so start planning for that new adventure, we will be here to help you. As for now we are starting an Expat Meet-up group in Guayaquil, I will keep you post it on its development.


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Ecuador News & Travel, Inside scope, property listings, key ready packs, plus free services, proven honest local references, and how to avoid getting “overcharge” while in Ecuador.

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